• Troubleshooting And Repair Specialists

  • Troubleshooting and Repair Specialists

    We are troubleshooting and repair specialists in both Residential and Commercial electrical problems. We'll solve the most difficult electrical issue you are having.

    Troubleshooting and repair specialist in - Residential to commercial 12V to 480V - Single phase and three phase

    A/C and A/H power, appliance outlets, commercial troubleshooting, electric motors and pumps, flickering lights, fluorescent lighting, fountains, GFCI and AFCI breaker or receptacle trips, heat pump, high bay lighting, lamp and ballast repair, lake fountains, lift stations, panel replacement, phase rotation, pool equipment, spas and hot tub, receptacles, GFCI, arc fault tamper proof outlets, security lighting, sign lighting, smoke detectors, door bells, switch or receptacle overheating, tennis courts, parking lot/street lighting, underground wiring, tripping breakers, power loss, low flying aircraft lights and theatrical lighting.

    Residential, condo, homes, schools, medical facilities, doctors offices, strip shops, malls, storage facilities, property managers, real estate offices, warehouses, grocery stores, retail shops, clubhouses, gate houses, churches, restaurants, tennis courts, fire department and the list goes on.

    Some companies have an apprentice with inadequate experience "on call" during emergency times, but at Emergency One Electric, we have the most experienced electricians on duty 24/7.

    We believe your safety and peace of mind is most important.

    Services We Provide

  • AFCI Breaker Trips
    Aluminum Wire
    Appliance Outlets
    Audio Wiring
    Ceiling Fan Installations
    Circuit Breaker Trips
    Code Violation Repairs
    Computer Wiring
    Ethernet Cabling
    Flickering Lights
    Frayed Wiring
    Fuses Blowing
    GFCI Trips
    Home Entertainment Systems
    Hot Tubs and Spas
    Internet Connections
    Knob and Tube Wiring
    Light Fixture Installation

  • Lightning Protection
    Netflix Setup
    Old Home Wiring
    Panel Replacement
    Phone and Cable Outlets
    Power Surge Protection
    Receptacle or Switch Overheating
    Renovation Wiring
    Safety Inspections
    Security Lights
    Service Upgrade
    Smoke Detectors
    Solar PV Systems
    Stand By Generator
    Surge Protection
    TV and Wi-Fi Equipment
    Utility Meter Replacement
    Video Wiring

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