• Commercial Service & Repair

  • Commercial Service & Repair

    Commercial Service & Repair that we do includes motels, hotels, property managers, home owners assoc., golfcourses, clubhouses, gate houses, public pools, schools, medical facilities, doctors offices, dental offices, strip shops, malls, storage facilities, real estate offices, warehouses, grocery stores, retail shops, churches, restaurants, tennis courts, fire dept., condos, city and county projects and repairs and the list goes on.

    Commercial troubleshooting to remodeling, renovations, additions, street/parking lot lighting, LED, evening light checks, bucket truck service, 120V to 480V single phase to 3 phase.

    A/C and A/H wiring, appliance outlets, bucket truck service up to 60 ft., code violation and repair, commercial wiring, electric motor and pump wiring, electrical inspections, flickering or non working lights, metal halide, high pressure sodium, incandescent, fluorescent, mercury vapor, LED lighting, fountain wiring, GFCI breaker trips, heat pump wiring, high bay low bay lighting, kitchen appliance wiring, landscape wiring, lamp and ballast repair, lake fountain wiring, lift station wiring, light fixture installation, lightning and surge protection, motion detector wiring, panel replacement, phase rotation meter, pool/hot tubs/spas, receptacles, security lighting, service upgrades and repairs, single phase and 3 phase wiring, sign lighting, tennis court lighting, smoke detectors, exit lights, emergency lights, thermal readings, underground line locates and repairs, utility meter replacement, photo cells, timers, contactors, garage lighting, car charging systems, low flying aircraft lights, power loss and the list goes on.

    Call us about our property night checks where we will check your lights at night, report to you what is not working and will not do the repair until you authorize it.

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