• Bucket Truck Service

  • Bucket Truck Service

    Emergency One Electric invested in our own "bucket trucks" to provide the best possible service to our customers.

    Other companies have to "make arrangements" to hire a company that has bucket trucks, causing a delay in the time it takes to get to your electrical problem.

    We don't think you should have to wait till a company "makes arrangements" to rent or lease the equipment needed to help you solve your problem.

    Our bucket trucks can be on the scene taking care of your commercial needs as well, no matter what your lighting and repair needs may be.

    From installation of a new project to replacement and repair of existing fixtures, change out of existing fixtures to LED lighting.

  • We do a wide range of bucket truck work up to 60 feet but not limited to shopping centers, churches, hotels, motels, condo associations, shopping malls, medical facilities, maintenance building, clubhouse, gate house, fire department and the list goes on.

    Work includes streetlights, parking lot, roadways, security lighting, tennis court, building lights, bay lighting, commercial garages, soccer field, baseball field and sign lighting. We work on 120V to 480V, single phase to 3 phase electrical systems.

    Metal halide, high pressure sodium, incandescent, fluorescent, mercury vapor, LED lighting. We repair photo cells, timers, contactors, fuses and breakers.

    Call us about our property night checks where we will check your lights at night, report to you what is not working and will not do the repair until you authorize it.

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